Elena Spencer
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Other information
Nickname: Spencer (by everyone)

Spence (by close friends)
Ellie (by close friends & family)
Elle (by close friends & family)
Lena (by close friends & family)
Prom Queen (by Jesse)
Princess (by Nathan & Jesse)
Genius (by Logan)
Daddy's Little Princess (by Luke)
Ballerina Princess (by Logan & Paris)
Ice Princess (by Logan)
Miss Goody-Two-Shoes (by Jesse, Logan & Melanie)
Baby Girl (by Nathan & Lexie)
Little Sister (by Luke)
Baby Sister (by Luke)
Unholy Blue Eyes (by Logan & Breanna)

Gender: Female
Hair color: Brunette w/Blonde Highlights (currently)

Brunette (formerly)
Blonde (formerly)
Strawberry Blonde (naturally; formerly)
Brunette w/Pink Highlights (formerly)
Strawberry Blonde w/Pink Highlights (formerly)
Platinum Blonde w/Blue Highlights (formerly)

Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Family: Nathan Spencer (father)

Lexie Foster (mother)
Luke Spencer (twin brother)
Michael Spencer (paternal grandfather)
Xavier Spencer (paternal uncle)
Aidan Foster (paternal uncle)

Series information
Portrayed By: Alexis Bledel

Abigail Breslin (young)
Maggie Elizabeth Jones (young)

First Appearance: Pilot
Books let you travel without ever having to move your feet.
— Elena talking about books

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Early Life

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