Elena Spencer
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Residence: 2104 Liberty Road, Everwood, Alberta T3N 3S6
Occupation: Student at Chilton Preparatory Academy

Bookseller at Margaret’s Books

Other information
Nickname: Spencer (by everyone)

Spence (by close friends)
Ellie (by close friends & family)
El/Elle (by close friends & family)
Lena (by close friends & family)
Prom Queen (by Jesse)
Princess (by Nathan & Jesse)
Genius (by Logan)
Blue (by everyone)
Daddy's Little Princess (by Luke)
Ballerina Princess (by Logan & Paris)
Ice Princess (by Logan)
Miss Goody-Two-Shoes (by Jesse, Logan & Melanie)
Nancy Drew (by Jesse, Michael & Breanna)
Baby Girl (by Damon & Katarína)
Little Sister (by Luke)
Baby Sister (by Luke)
Unholy Blue Eyes (by Logan & Breanna)
Baby Mama (by Kristey & Antonio)
Mum/Mom (by Michael & Jesse)
Lil' Mama Bear (by Xavier)

Gender: Female
Hair color: Brunette w/Blonde Highlights (currently)

Blonde w/Blue Highlights (formerly)
Brunette w/Blue Highlights (formerly)
Brunette (formerly)
Blonde (formerly)
Strawberry Blonde (naturally; formerly)
Brunette w/Pink Highlights (formerly)
Strawberry Blonde w/Pink Highlights (formerly)
Platinum Blonde w/Blue Highlights (formerly)

Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'5"
Family: Justice Spencer (son w/Michael )

unborn child (w/Jesse )
Damon Spencer (father)
Katarína Spencer (mother)
Luke Spencer (twin brother)
Nathan Spencer (paternal grandfather)
Lorélaï Spencer (paternal grandmother)
Eva García (paternal grandmother)
Liam García (paternal uncle)
Lexie Spencer (paternal aunt)
Chase Spencer (paternal uncle)
Dylan Spencer (paternal uncle)
Juliette Spencer (paternal aunt)
Jamie Spencer (paternal uncle)
Madeleine Spencer (paternal aunt)
Brayan Spencer (paternal uncle)
Austen Spencer-King (paternal uncle)

Series information
Portrayed By: Alexis Bledel (teen, adult)

Melissa Benoist (teen, adult)
Abigail Breslin (child)
Maggie Elizabeth Jones (child)

First Appearance: Pilot
Books let you travel without ever having to move your feet.
— Elena talking about books

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Early Life

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